Adolescent Menstrual Health & Hygiene Program

Lacking information, infrastructure, economic means, and the confidence to manage their menstrual health, many women are subjected to cultural discrimination, exposed to dangerous health risks, and lose out on economic and educational opportunities.
SHARP has been conducting Menstrual Health & Hygiene Management sessions in schools since 2002 all over India. SHARP has imparted the education to 2.5 million girls and have conducted Menstrual Health and Hygoene Training for teachers of Delhi & Punjab state.

Purpose of the Programme

  • To educate girls about Menstruation.
  • Let the girls know about the proper diet they should take to maintain menstrual hygiene and how it is important for their well being and development.
  • To clear myths and doubts of the girls related to Menstruation.
  • We also conducted mother daughter session where mothers also got to know how to deal with their children at this phase of life.
  • Mothers also got to know that they should have an open communication with their daughters on this topic.
  • To show the young girls who have not started with their periods how to use and dispose sanitary napkin.
    To teach young women how to make sanitary pads locally.