School Health Screening Program

School health programs has a very positive impact on the academics as well as general performance of the child. Healthier children are more likely to attend school, and modest improvements in schooling will allow for the continuation of education. Education and good health offer children the power of choice and opportunity, as well as optimism for a better life. The investment in school health program is minimum but the impact is huge. Early detection of the health problems can prevent permanent disabilities in children which reduces the economic burden of diseases on the nation. School Health is a low cost model of spreading awareness in the community also. Health Education in School has a cascading effect, health education given to the child reaches his family and from family it is further propagated to the community. Heathy society translates to increases in productivity and earnings in the adult life which will translate to increase in economy of the nation

SHARP, being one of the premier pan-India NGO, started in 1999 covering a handful of 10 schools, now provides school health to around 2 million children across 12,000 schools in the country.