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School Health Check-up Project
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Highly systematic, organized and well co-ordinate health care programme
Qualified and experienced staff. Lady Doctors and all lady staff for girls school.
Use of latest and innovative methods for health check-ups.
Computerized storage, monitoring and analysis of health data with regular updates.
Health education and awareness programmes like health talks, health quizzes, debates and declamations. Health education material also provided with the health check-up report to every student.
Close health status monitoring of each and every student by doctors, psychologists and nutritionists.
A consolidated school health annual report with detailed health analysis along with illustrations and graphics will be submitted to the school at the end of the year.

School AIDS Awareness Programme (Selected 30 Schools of South Delhi) funding by Delhi State AIDS Control Society, Govt. Of NCT of Delhi, NACO and UNESCO) SHARP in association with Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS), Govt. of NCT of Delhi is starting a School AIDS Awareness Programme in selected senior secondary schools of South Delhi. The School AIDS Education Programme has been developed after a lot of research by NACO, in collaboration with NCERT, UNICEF and UNESCO

Keeping in view the Indian social context and ethos, the curriculum aims:

To increase knowledge on adolescence, HIV/AIDS/STD's.
To develop skills on self-assertiveness.
To develop positive attitude towards sexuality and those living with HIV/AIDS.
Funding agency: Delhi State AIDS Control Society
Psychotherapy is a set of techniques believed to cure or to help solve behavioral and other psychological problems in humans. The common part of these techniques is direct personal contact between Doctor and patient, mainly in the form of talking. Owing to the nature of these communications, there are significant issues of patient privacy and/or client confidentiality. Sharp helps the school children for psychotherapy from qualified psychologist or doctor for enhancement of psychology of the child.
According to health survey conducted by SHARP in various schools:
As many as 13.48% of the boys are overweight, making them vulnerable to diabetes, cardiac and other lifestyle ailments in later life; 20% of the girls are underweight and suffering from dysmenorrhoea due to anaemia and hormonal imbalance. In order to effectively deal with the above, SHARP in association with Almond Board Of California, USA conducted Nutritional Counselling Sessions in selected schools of Delhi

The objectives of these sessions are:

To increase knowledge of healthy eating habits amongst school children To help children learn skills (not just facts).
To give students repeated chances to practice healthy eating. which in turn would help young people grow, develop, and do well in school.
Prevent childhood and adolescent health problems such as obesity, eating disorders, dental caries, and iron deficiency anemia.
May help prevent health problems later in life, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke; the three leading causes of death.
For selected schools of Delhi-Funded by ALMOND BOARD OF CALIFORNIA (Through SCS Group).
To have a wider participation and to create awareness about health amongst adolescent girls SHARP in association with Johnson and Johnson (JnJ) are starting project ‘PARICHAY’ for adolescent girls on menstrual health and hygiene in Delhi. This project is already going on in the states of UP, MP, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and has plans to cover more number of states.
To impart accurate and reliable information to adolescent girls on topics identified as important to their health & well-being and for which basic information is not always easily accessible
Topics covered will be:
– Introduction to female anatomy and reproductive system
– Menstrual Health and Hygiene
– Anemia
– Right age for marriage

Target Age group
Each session comprising of adolescent girls from 6th to 12th standard will include:

Before the sessions one teacher coordinator will be trained on the Menstrual Health and Hygiene Programme by a Gynecologist. The teacher coordinator will help the girls later on to clarify their doubts on Menstrual Health and Hygiene after the session is over. The question box will be placed in the school to help the girls to open up. The Teacher coordinator will be given a certificate of Nodal teacher by SHARP.
In its effort to help children across the country through the problem of lice, Mediker has a vision to make Haryana the first lice free state in the country by the year 2010. Partnering Mediker through this effort is School Health Annual Report Programme (SHARP), committed to safeguarding the health of school children. Thus, SHARP is conducting hygiene and lice checks in every school in Haryana so as to ensure that every girl child in Haryana is declared free of lice. 55 schools have been covered so far and Ryan International School, Faridabad is the 56th.
In the pursuance of Health awareness programmes in school children we got an opportunity to make our operations in Haryana in collaboration with Marico Industries Ltd, Mumbai to conduct free Hygiene Check-up Programme in school children between the age group of 5 to 12 years (Classes III to VIII). During hygiene check-up, the following things are inspected for:
i) Hair Hygiene ii) Dental Hygiene iii) Nail Hygiene iv) Nape Hygiene v) Ear Hygiene. The survey report of all these parameters will be made available after the completion of Ist Phase of the programme. During the survey it has been found that very few children are conscious about the good personal hygiene, which is the basic of leading a good healthy life.

To inculcate good Hygiene habits amongst children in Haryana, we have chosen Hisar, Faridabad & Panipat in our Phase-I Programme wherein we are conducting free Hygiene Check-up Programme in schools of Hisar, Faridabad & Panipat District. Later on all the districts of Haryana will be covered under this. We have already completed our programme in schools of Hisar and the programme is still going on in schools of Faridabad and Panipat. The programme was widely covered by the print media and SITI cable at Hisar where more than 10,000 students were covered in 25 schools.

These sessions are conducted by SHARP to spread awareness on the effect of pollution on health of school going children. Specific objectives of the project:

To create awareness among the school children about the importance, methods and benefits of conserving petroleum products and effect of pollution on health.
To train the young generation of this country and to motivate them to remain disease free and especially respiratory, eye and other problems caused due to pollution.
Funding- Petroleum Conservation Research Association.
Conserve My Planet Programme - In partnership with Schneider Electric India Foundation .
CMP Cooordinator ogin Panel
Our monthly newsletter goes to 5000 schools all over India.
SHARP is also providing health cover to 700 girls of Tharu Ram Arya Girls Sr. Sec. School, Bhim Sen Colony, Ballabhgarh
First aid is the emergency care given to sick or injured people providing temporary assistance or treatment until medical help is available. An important aspect of first aid, besides knowing what to do for a victim, is also knowing what not to do. The objective of the training is to familiarize the school children with basic first aid techniques in some common emergencies. They learn what first aid is, what it can accomplish and measures to take for the treatment of shock, bleeding, burns, and fractures; methods of resuscitation; and methods of moving injured persons.

Objectives of First Aid

The knowledge of first aid measures and their proper application may mean the difference between life and death, between rapid recovery and long hospitalization, or between temporary disability or permanent injury.

The objectives of first aid are to save lives and prevent further injury. However, first aid is not a substitute for proper medical treatment.